TroopTrack Mobile and other news

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. TroopTrack Mobile is live and available in the Apple App Story for iPhones and iPads. Now you can take TroopTrack anywhere your adventures take you, even offline. TroopTrack mobile stores a copy of your vital troop information on your device, so even if you don't have a cell or wifi connection you can still look up your calendar or a youth's progress toward an award. TroopTrack Mobile works for ALL supported programs: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, AHG, Girl Scouts, Trail Life USA, Civil Air Patrol (in a secret beta!), LDS Scouting, Scouts Australia, and Baden Powell Service Association.

TroopTrack Mobile was created by Marc Alexander, a TroopTrack customer who is also a top-notch mobile developer. He has worked long hours on TroopTrack Mobile on a gamble that our community of users will find it valuable. Thank you Marc for making it happen! All proceeds from the sale of TroopTrack mobile will go to Marc until he has recouped his substantial investment in creating this extremely valuable tool.

You can buy TroopTrack Mobile for $4.99 in the App Store. It is set up with Family Sharing, so you can buy it once and use it for everyone in your family. It is a one time charge - you won't need to renew it every year. A valid TroopTrack account (trial, paid, or scholarship) is required to use TroopTrack Mobile.

Get it here:…/a…/trooptrack-mobile/id1002622052

In other news, we've released a number of nice features this morning:

Cream colored award cards! In addition to the white award cards, you can now purchase cream micro-perforated cards as well in packs of 200. Interested in seeing us carry another color? Post to our Facebook page and we'll see how many likes you get. Get enough likes and we will add the color.

Inviting existing users got a whole lot easier. Check out a video describing it here:

Privileges are finally human readable when you edit them, making it easier to understand what a person will be able to do when you make changes.

Simple sign in sheets are now sorted alphabetically.

We made various improvements to our help desk solution that will help us handle your requests more effectively.

Finally, with the release of TroopTrack Mobile we are now officially preparing for the general availability of our developer program. We plan to announce the availability of the TroopTrack API for developers to use to create their own tools, either for personal, unit, or general use, in the next two to three weeks. We just need to put the finishing touches on the documentation of the API and deal with bugs discovered in the launch of TroopTrack mobile.

Have a lovely day!

~ Dave