Meeting Schedules - plan recurring meetings with EASE

We are releasing a major new feature and several bug fixes this morning:


1) We were previously showing the BSA Permission Slip feature to Scouts Australia groups and some other non-BSA groups. This wasn't helpful and we've disabled it until we can get our hands on official permission slips for these groups.


2) Spencer has added a new privilege that allows you to separate the ability to purchase awards from the ability to record progress on achievements. This new privilege is now needed to mark awards purchased, presented, etc. and to purchase awards through TroopTrack if that feature is supported for your group. This privilege was automatically added to anyone in your group who currently holds the update achievements privilege, so if you don't want to restrict anyone you don't need to do anything.


3) We rolled out a new "Meeting Schedules" feature. This is a new tool for planning recurring meetings like troop meetings, committee meetings, etc. You can try it out by going to Plan -> Meeting Schedules. It is available to anyone with the Manage Events privilege.


Currently you can still create recurring meetings the old way, but we plan to remove that feature in a week or two if there are no major snags with the Meeting Schedules feature. I think you will find the Meeting Schedules feature to be much easier to use than the old recurring meetings capabilities.


Have a great day!


~ Dave