Patrol sorting and more

Good morning everyone.

We just released a bunch of fixes thanks to @Spencer, who is working full-time at TroopTrack over his summer break and is totally crushing it! I'm thinking of calling it the "Summer of Bugs", ie. the summer of killing lots of bugs!

Okay, here's the list:

1) Patrols/Dens/Units/Troops now sort the same all over the place, including:

  • On the event form
  • On the individual progress form
  • On the bulk progress form

2) Mailing lists are now sorted alphabetically when you are creating a new message

3) The Record Attendance page now includes all past events and you can define a date range for it.

4) There was a bug allowing people without the proper privileges to delete achievements. This is fixed.

5) There was a bug allowing people without the proper privileges to add training. This is fixed.

6) We now use https for this community site, so all traffic is now encrypted. Yay!

Also, some time ago I talked about supporting selling tickets to an event for the general public. We are currently testing that out with our summer codecamp. You can check it out here: Just don't register. Unless you want to send your kid to Weatherford for a week this summer!

~ Dave


Upgrade and Downgrade any BSA Rank

Typically you only want to downgrade or upgrade a BSA rank if they haven't been started, but we've run into circumstances where you have needed to up/down grade a rank that has some progress. The main page still defaults to showing only the unstarted ranks, but there is now a link on the page for showing all ranks.

Be careful - you will lose all progress when you upgrade or downgrade and we can't bring it back!!! You have been warned!


Record awards based on event attendance and more

This morning we released four changes:

1) After you record attendance at an event you can record progress on an award for everyone who attended. Just click on Attendance -> Record Progress from the event details page and it will start the record progress workflow. Note: Since TrailLife troops have a custom version of record progress, this feature is not available yet for them.

2) Some users were having troubling using an external web site for their public web site depending on whether "http://" was included when they edited the setting. We have added some code to fix broken web sites and to require troops that use this setting to include the https from now on.

3) Some users don't have households, and as a result were not able to RSVP for events. This has been fixed.

4) We have added support for sending text messages to GCI customers.

Have a great week!



Lots of bug fixes!

Thanks to Ryan and Spencer's relentless efforts, we released quite a few bug fixes this evening. I was on a plane back to DFW from Cincinnati and thanks to in flight wi-fi I was able to review and release the fixes from my airplane seat. I love tech. (Dave sighs contentedly). Okay, here they are:

  1. The filters on the "Record Progress (Bulk)" page now work properly.
  2. Users can now edit and delete their own vehicles.
  3. Users can now load more events on the itinerary section of the dashboard.
  4. The "pay" button was disappearing under certain circumstances for events that required payment. This is now fixed.
  5. When you create a meeting schedule you can now invite everyone.
  6. The calendar wasn't showing multi-day events that started in the prior month, but it does now!
  7. Emails with copyright symbols were crashing. No more! You can copyright the heck out of your emails now!
  8. We replaced "User Guide" links with "TroopTrack User Community"
  9. When you click on the "Get Help" link, it was forcing you to search even if you wanted to report a bug or suggest a feature. You don't have to search anymore to see those buttons.

Have a great weekend!

~ Dave


Various bug fixes

This morning we released a small truckload of updates. Here they are:

1) When you print the agenda view of your calendar, you can now choose between landscape and portrait orientation.
2) We released an internal tool that will allow Melissa to fix the AHG badges that don't calculate percent complete properly. You should start seeing fixes for those badges appear over the next few days.
3) There was a bug in our payment setup that wouldn't let you turn off accepting credit cards once you set up PayPal. This is fixed.
4) The participation page is now searchable by date range
5) The training book now includes filters for expired vs. active training
6) The agenda view of your calendar now paginates properly. Previously you could not go to any pages other than the first page.
7) The category now saves correctly when you do a bulk transaction (money) that is not a transfer.
8) Table header rows no longer overlap the table content when printed.

I am going to post another announcement about our new user forum,, later this morning, so stay tuned.

~ Dave


TroopTrack User Community

Later this week we are going to officially launch, our new forum for TroopTrack users. It is already available for you to check out and is integrated with TroopTrack so you can access it with your TroopTrack account.


Once it is launched officially, Community will replace several TroopTrack features including:

- User Guide

- Product Updates

- portions of the Help Desk


Community will become the official mechanism for suggesting new features and reporting bugs - we will no longer use the help desk for that. Help desk tickets will be reserved for specific problems that require sharing personally identifiable information or are otherwise not solvable via Community.


Additionally, the way you submit help desk tickets will change. Prior to submitting a help desk ticket you will be prompted to search Community for help with your problem.


We hope these changes will help you get answers more quickly and allow us to focus our customer service efforts where they are needed most.


Please share this announcement with your leaders so they will not be surprised when we launch these changes in the next week or so.


Best wishes,


~ Dave



Spencer's crushing bugs again!

This morning we released a number of changes fixing bugs and making minor improvements. Here they are:

1) Money transactions were crashing in certain cases where the user had been deleted.

2) Account setup instruction emails were crashing in some cases. This is fixed.

3) The OA report (BSA) has been improved to include CSV export and more information about each member.

4) The equipment check-in button was misbehaving if you clicked it rapidly (i.e. double clicked).

5) Patrols listed in the badge book are now listed in alphabetical order

6) The rank progress report (BSA) was not dealing with the new & old rank requirements properly.

7) Recording attendance wasn't working properly when you used filters to hide some groups and then used the "check all" checkbox.


Thanks to Spencer for all these bug fixes!


Have a great weekend!


~ Dave


Deposit funds bug fix

This morning we released a bug fix that was not showing the "Deposit Funds" link on many money accounts when it should have. Sorry for the inconvenience!

~ Dave


More minor updates

This morning we released a number of minor changes:


1) The dashboard was displaying service hours in the camping nights field. This typo has been fixed.


2) We briefly broke user profiles for Boy Scout troops. If you encountered a problem late last night or early this morning, it's been fixed.


3) The custom leadership report now shows columns in a more logical order and the column "Name" is now displayed as "Position" to avoid confusion with the leader's name.


4) The vehicle listing now includes license plates.


5) AHG service stars were not appearing on the Unit listing after they were added with the new service stars feature. This has been fixed.


6) Links in event descriptions were no longer clickable for a brief period. Fixed!


7) The "all categories" link on troop documents was not working.


8) We have removed the ability to delete sub-awards (i.e. cub scout electives that are grouped with a rank) since removing them breaks the structure of the rank record.


You're probably wondering where I'm at with the event payment improvements. The truth is, I'm a bit stuck mentally and need a brain wave. Hopefully I will get unstuck quickly and be able to give a more cheery update soon.


Have a great day!


~ Dave


Minor updates

This morning we are releasing a number of minor changes.


1) The API for event details now includes a section for information about family members. This is in preparation for an update to the iOS app to allow RSVP'ing for family members, but it could also be used by anyone in the developer program as well.


2) Service hours are now displayed as "X hrs Y min' on manage service stars page (AHG only) instead of using a decimal format.


3) Troop documents are now arranged like one of our interactive "books" with a filter for categories. No more scrolling through all categories! This feature isn't quite ready for Trail Life Troops yet (sorry!).


4) The "show other events" setting on newsletters was confusing, so we've clarified that it means "Include events the recipients are not invited to".


5) One of our users discovered that Meeting Schedules crash if you have more than 260 monthly events, so we've limited it to 250, which should be enough for even the most ambitiously planned calendar!


6) Sending achievement reports by email was failing if the no users with emails were selected. We've fixed this problem and added some feedback to let you know if a problem occurred.


Have a great day!


~ Dave


Update on Event Payment Improvements (Work in Progress)

Making progress on the event payment improvements I mentioned previously. Here is a screenshot of where I am currently at. You can see that money accounts with insufficient funds are not usable for payment and that I can add money to those accounts or use a credit card instead. You can also see the link to the shopping basket.

I've also included a screenshot of the event details page so you can see changes there too.


Minor updates

Yesterday we released a few small changes, all thanks to Spencer's hard work:


1) Meeting schedules can now set the RSVP required option

2) All day events are displayed using the correct color for their event type

3) Youth with household access or above can RSVP for family members

Have a great day!


~ Dave


Working on Event Payments

This week I am working on event payments. Here are some of the changes I am trying to get done:


- Redesigning the workflow so that you can pay for multiple RSVPs at once by putting RSVPs in a shopping cart until you are ready to pay


- Allowing users to choose between paying with a money account or a credit card (Stripe) or PayPal


- Allowing a troop to accept payment via Stripe and PayPal rather than just one of the two


- Allowing troops to specify that users are responsible for Stripe/PayPal transaction fees


- Allowing troops to specify that they are responsible for TroopTrack transaction fees


- Allowing troops to accept manual payments (checks, cash, etc) for items in a shopping cart


- Preventing users from paying for a shopping cart with a money account that doesn't have adequate funds


I hope I can get this done and live soon - I will keep you posted.


~ Dave


Minor updates to service stars (AHG & BSA)

Just a couple of changes this morning:

1) We updated our page about the ScoutBook acquisition to be less snarky and more current. One of the issues with being committed to openness about our product is that customers are occasionally exposed to how we feel when tough challenges occur. I think that's okay, but we need to update stuff as we get distance and perspective from those events.

2) We've added support for BSA Service Stars for Troops.

3) AHG Service Stars now appear properly in the Advancement Overview.

4) We are more consistent in how user names are displayed throughout the application.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Dave


How we roll

We are very committed to being open at TroopTrack about what we are working on, what we are struggling with, etc. While this is generally a good thing, it gets us in trouble with users sometimes who feel we should be working on something else. I've been thinking about this a lot today because of some recent exchanges we've had on Facebook and I'd like to explain a bit about how TroopTrack works.


First of all, we don't all work on everything, nor can we. We divide things up, and some of the work we do requires experience and education. Here's how TroopTrack work is divided up.


- Marc works on our mobile applications (iOS and Android). He's the only one with this particular skill.

- Ryan, Spencer, and I work on the web application. Ryan and I also do consulting work for our enterprise clients such as Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls.

- Claire, Sam, Wesley, and Coleman are primarily responsible for answering your questions and identifying any important bugs that you report.

- Melissa is primarily responsible for configuring TroopTrack to support specific programs. She adds achievement, training, etc and works with customers who have asked us to add support for their organization to get everything set up.


I want to clarify this because it's pretty common for us to announce something I am working on and have someone say something like "You should be working on the Android app instead," as if me adding some new feature to our web product is somehow preventing Marc from moving forward with our Android app.


This is simply not the case. I can't really help with the Android app, and Marc can't really help with the web app. Heart surgeons don't generally do kidney transplants and vice versa, even though they are surgeons. Programmers are no different.


Likewise, when we add support for a new organization, like Search and Rescue Groups, there is virtually no programming involved. Melissa does almost everything to set them up. She can't write code, so her doing this work doesn't prevent Ryan, Spencer, and I from adding new features and fixing bugs. We don't stop working on our backlog of bug fixes and feature requests just because Melissa is adding a new group.


I share all of this in the spirit of openness and friendliness. I hope nothing I have written will be perceived as haughty or uncaring. We love TroopTrack and we try very hard to make it better every single day. We don't always succeed, and sometimes we make it better in ways that only benefit some of our customers, but we keep at it, and we hope it shows.


Have a great night,


~ Dave