Events - better than ever.

It's been a big week, with lots of new stuff and critical improvements. But it's only Thursday and heck, we aren't done yet!

This morning we bring you two new features that are among our most requested enhancements:

1) You can now choose attendees to events using mailing lists. I've also tried to make the event invite section stand out a bit more.

2) Attendance sheets now include totals.

And now, a request from us to all of you. We are working on a dashboard concept. The dashboard will be customized based on your role in the troop. We are planning to start with 3 dashboards:

- Admin dashboard (based on privileges)
- Parent dashboard
- Scout dashboard

For each of these dashboards, what would you want to see? How would it look? 

I once asked users for some feedback on the layout of TroopTrack, and a super kind user actually sent me HTML and CSS for a redesign. We totally used it. So if you have the skills to mock up one of these dashboards, send it to and we will use it to inspire us.


Power Search and various bug fixes

This morning we released a new feature and a number of bug fixes. 

1) Power search is now live. Now you can search for users, events,  money accounts, user guide pages, and even commands by typing in the power search field in the header. Here's a demo video of power search in action:

2) Sign up sheets were re-designed to make them easier to use and to let everyone see who has signed up for what. They are also now editable by anyone with the proper privileges, regardless of who created them.

3) Better sorting on the record attendance page. Records are now sorted by RSVP status then last name. They were previously only sorted by RSVP status.

4) Multi-troop users who use TroopTrack subdomains were having problems switching troops. This problem is fixed.

5) Minor improvement to the way our navigation bars are displayed. They recently doubled in height for some users and we forced them back.

6) We only show active users now on the invite users view.

7) Sending event emails from a mobile device using the site (not the app) was broken. This is now fixed.

8) We provided a few minor API fixes needed by the mobile app

9) We've been making a lot of improvements to our customer support processes. As a result our response time has improved tremendously in the last week - for simple questions during business hours we are now often able to respond in minutes.


TroopTrack Mobile and other news

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. TroopTrack Mobile is live and available in the Apple App Story for iPhones and iPads. Now you can take TroopTrack anywhere your adventures take you, even offline. TroopTrack mobile stores a copy of your vital troop information on your device, so even if you don't have a cell or wifi connection you can still look up your calendar or a youth's progress toward an award. TroopTrack Mobile works for ALL supported programs: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, AHG, Girl Scouts, Trail Life USA, Civil Air Patrol (in a secret beta!), LDS Scouting, Scouts Australia, and Baden Powell Service Association.

TroopTrack Mobile was created by Marc Alexander, a TroopTrack customer who is also a top-notch mobile developer. He has worked long hours on TroopTrack Mobile on a gamble that our community of users will find it valuable. Thank you Marc for making it happen! All proceeds from the sale of TroopTrack mobile will go to Marc until he has recouped his substantial investment in creating this extremely valuable tool.

You can buy TroopTrack Mobile for $4.99 in the App Store. It is set up with Family Sharing, so you can buy it once and use it for everyone in your family. It is a one time charge - you won't need to renew it every year. A valid TroopTrack account (trial, paid, or scholarship) is required to use TroopTrack Mobile.

Get it here:…/a…/trooptrack-mobile/id1002622052

In other news, we've released a number of nice features this morning:

Cream colored award cards! In addition to the white award cards, you can now purchase cream micro-perforated cards as well in packs of 200. Interested in seeing us carry another color? Post to our Facebook page and we'll see how many likes you get. Get enough likes and we will add the color.

Inviting existing users got a whole lot easier. Check out a video describing it here:

Privileges are finally human readable when you edit them, making it easier to understand what a person will be able to do when you make changes.

Simple sign in sheets are now sorted alphabetically.

We made various improvements to our help desk solution that will help us handle your requests more effectively.

Finally, with the release of TroopTrack Mobile we are now officially preparing for the general availability of our developer program. We plan to announce the availability of the TroopTrack API for developers to use to create their own tools, either for personal, unit, or general use, in the next two to three weeks. We just need to put the finishing touches on the documentation of the API and deal with bugs discovered in the launch of TroopTrack mobile.

Have a lovely day!

~ Dave


Feature Friday

This morning we released a couple of important updates:

1) Massive upgrade to photo uploads. Have you ever waited a long time to upload a lot of photos and then had to wait a long time while TroopTrack processed them? No more! Thanks to Ryan's hard work, photo processing is now "infinitely scalable" which just means TroopTrack will process all your photos at once instead of one at a time. Now the only limit on storing photos in TroopTrack is your upload bandwidth. 

Seriously. Upload all the photos you want. We can take it. 

2) Improvements to RSVP'ing to events that require payment. Now refunding a ticket to an event resets the attendees status and guest count so that they can RSVP again as needed. Also, if you delete the money transaction from the money account, it will reset their RSVP there too. Withdrawing them from the event behaves similarly.

3) TurboNET roster importer works better with packs that have Tiger Cubs. Previously we were crashing trying to import Tiger leaders. Crash no more!

4) If you use Stripe or PayPal to accept deposits and don't like the $20 minimum deposit, you can now change it. Just go to Manage -> Settings -> Online Payments and you can set your own minimum.

5) If you are outside the United States and don't like the US format for phone numbers, you can now turn phone number formatting off on the TroopTrack settings tab.

6) Page breaks on the shopping list and award ceremony agendas have been problematic in the past, with text being cut in the middle or jumbled up in unreadable ways. No more - we now have clean page breaks for these important reports.

7) Exporting the results from the interactive rank book to CSV now includes all the fields from screen.

8) Simple Sign In Sheets. Have you ever been frustrated with all the options for generating attendance sheets? "I just want a SIMPLE SIGN IN SHEET" you said in a cross voice. This is for you - every event now has a simple sign in sheet with the name of your youth, a sign in box and a sign out box. Yay!

9) Have you ever tried printing every blue card for every merit badge ever worked on in your troop? Or some other REALLY large number of blue cards, using the merit badge book? You might have noticed that it didn't work. Well, now it does.

That's a lot of stuff! What's next?

Event emails, that's what!


TurboNET Roster Imports 2.0

Happy Monday to you!

For BSA units, life just got a little bit easier with two changes we released this morning:

1) TurboNET imports now show you any members who don't have a BSA ID number in their profile and lets you fix them easily. This is important because if you have BSA ID numbers for everyone the importer will not need to rely on name matching and the likelihood of getting unwanted duplicates is reduced.

2) The big news is that the importer now includes information for all adult members and includes address, phone numbers, YPT, position, and Boys Life subscription info for everyone in your troop. 

Not released yet, but in the works: importing all training records from BSA. 


Accept Deposits and Event Payments with PayPal

Good morning everyone. Today we are happy to announce the availability of PayPal as an additional payment provider in your online payment settings. You will now be able to accept deposits to money accounts and event fee payments using PayPal. All you need to do is choose PayPal as your payment provider in your online payment settings as shown below. Don't forget to provide the email address of the PayPal account for your unit as well as choose a default money account to post transaction fees to, as show below.

PayPal transaction fees are $.30 + 2.9%. We are working with PayPal to get the percent fee lowered to 2.2% and hope to announce this soon. As with Stripe transactions, a $.25 TroopTrack processing fee is added to each transaction.


TurboNET Imports

 TurboNET roster imports are currently failing for some packs. Not all users are impacted. We are working on it right now.


TurboNET roster import for packs is FIXED

We just pushed an update to production that fixes TurboNET roster imports for cub scout packs. 


Send text messages to your mailing lists

This morning I released a new feature that allows you to send text messages to any of your mailing lists. You will now see two new options under the Communicate Badge: Text Message Settings and Send a Text Message.

Before you send any text messages, you'll want to use the Text Message Settings page to make sure your cell phone information is correct. Without the cell carrier info, we won't be able to deliver text messages to your members.

It's important to note that immediate delivery of text messages sent this way is not guaranteed by TroopTrack or by the cell phone carriers. That's because this service (like all free text services) rely on email for delivery to the carrier, and email deliver is not guaranteed to be immediate. Email delivery is generally very fast, but occasionally there are hiccups that can cause email delivery to be delayed for hours or, even more rarely, days.

Eventually the TroopTrack mobile app (currently in BETA) will support push notifications which will not rely on email and will be virtually instantaneous. In the meantime, we really hope you find the text messaging service useful.


PayPal Payments

I made a lot of nice progress on using PayPal to deposit money into troop accounts this week. Up next, I will add the ability to pay for events with PayPal and then we will release it for you to try it out. Unless something unplanned occurs, payments with PayPal should be in your hands sometime in July.


Access Levels: "None" now means NONE!

We pushed some bug fixes live this morning, including a fix and performance improvement for the Achieve -> Overview page for Packs. 

The most important bug fix is to the "None" Access Level. Previously this did nothing and was essentially the same as the "Self" access level. Now, NONE MEANS NONE. So... if you give someone an access level of None, they will not be able to interact with your unit's TroopTrack account at all.

As part of this, we changed the access level for anyone with "None" to "Self", since previously these two values were the same and we didn't want to freak out a lot of people who could previously see their own records by suddenly giving them no access at all. If you have previously set someone's access level to "None" with the intent of denying them all access to TroopTrack for your unit, you will need to do it again. 


Updates to Events

Going live right now - improvements to events!
- You will now be able to add attendees, remove attendees, and refund event fees (to the scout account) for events that require payment

- The record attendance form will now show the RSVP status for events that require payment to RSVP

- The "agenda" view of events looks better and uses the American date format


TroopTrack Mobile BETA for iOS is ON!

Yesterday we officially kicked off the beta program for TroopTrack Mobile for iOS. If you'd like to give it a try, send an email to and we will add you.



New Cub Scout Program

The new Cub Scout program is officially live today, and TroopTrack is totally ready to go. Check out this video showing how the new program is supported in TroopTrack.


Fixed: Problems with Printing Award Cards

Yesterday I pushed an update to the way we print award cards. You'll notice that it will no longer open in the browser, but instead will download a file. That's because different browsers handle margins on PDFs displayed in the browser differently (UGH!). Safari was left-justifying them, Chrome was centering them, etc... So we had to turn off the ability to display them in the browser. This makes it line up with the perforated award cards much more consistently. If you've had trouble with award cards not aligning with our perforated award card paper in the past, please give this a try and let us know if you have any further problems.